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The best solution to fix clogged nose

babakan domba ,- Nasal congestion 1 side of the continuous form of the disorder may be caused by such a bone in the nose is crooked, konka antrokoanal polyps or enlarged. However, if nasal congestion 1 side missing arise then can think about some different handling possibilities, given on the cause.
Sinusitis Dentogen

Dentogen sinusitis or sinusitis caused due to infection in the tooth roots are sourced. This is due to prosesus tooth root place alveolaris maxilla is the Foundation of the maxillary sinus, maxillary cavity between the delimiter and root of the tooth is merely a very thin bones, sometimes without any bones.

Infection of the teeth on the upper jaw is easily spread to the sinuses directly or through the lymph and blood vessels. Symptoms arising is clogged nose one side accompanied by pain in the cheeks, often greenish mucus and foul-smelling and taste Scotch on the back of the throat. Bad breath, headaches and full flavor in the ear can also occur. Enforcement of the diagnosis done by physical examination by doctors and radiology examination.

To cope with the infection caused by an infection of the teeth, then the dental care as the focus of the infection are mandatory, the use of antibiotics for aerobic and anaerobic is also required. Topical or oral decongestants may be used in the short term. Sometimes the action is needed surgery for mmembersihkan pus stack in the sinus. Action performed on patients who do not improve after being given adekuat therapy, chronic sinusitis accompanied cysts or abnormalities that such complications and the presence of fungal sinusitis.
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 Complications that may occur due to a sinus infection this is abnormalities in the eyes ranging from mild to very severe, this can occur because the sinus cavity of the eye also borders, thus allowing the spread of infection. Other complications that may occur is the infection of the membranes of the brain, the brain and blood vessels in the brain that can lead to death. Complications in the form of bone infection (osteomyelitis and subperiosteal abscess) most often arise in children, and can lead to fistulas oroantral fistula or on the cheek. Pulmonary disorders in the form of bronkiektasis and bronchitis Chronic pulmonary disorders can occur, it will be difficult to be healed during sinusitisnya is not resolved.

So what if the blockage is caused by fungal sinusitis condition? Next page explanation read more.

Fungal Sinusitis

Sinusitis due to a yeast infection in the paranasal sinuses, the disease is rare indeed, but with long term use of antibiotics, corticosteroids, chemotherapy drugs and the immunosuppressant increasing numbers of fungal sinusitis due to this incident. Other conditions such as diabetes mellitus, AIDS and neutropenia, a long treatment in RS is a predesposisi factor of occurrence of fungal sinusitis.
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Symptoms of sinusitis are caused by fungi just like sinusitis, nasal congestion, nasal secretions smell, breath odor, slime flows into the throat. Need to look out for in case of sinusitis due to fungal sinusitis 1 side that hard-cured with antibiotics as appropriate. Check with your doctor immediately to your ENT, fungal sinusitis is due to a disease that is quite dangerous and can cause death.
Sinus surgery and cleaning as well as antifungal medications required as therapy. So don't sepelekan what if you experience nasal congestion one side that does not go away with treatment.  (source :


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